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All about Help Fife Animals

What we Do

Help Fife Animals is run by volunteers. Our club operates from our Dog Management Centre in Leslie and our priority is to promote and practice responsible pet ownership.


We re-home pets who can no longer stay in their own homes. As part of our re-homing policy, we promote the benefits of neutering dogs and cats. All the pets we rehome are neutered.

Dog Training

We run Dog Training Classes most evenings at our hall in Leslie. All of our classes teach handlers how to train their dogs, using kind, reward based methods. We offer classes at Puppy, Bronze, Silver and Gold levels of the Kennel Club's Good Citizen Scheme. We also train Rally Obedience, and Heelwork to Music.

Display Teams

We promote responsible dog ownership through our dog training club and by attending local community events thoughout the Kingdom of Fife and beyond with display teams from our Heelwork to Music classes.


We host competitions in Heelwork to Music, Rally Obedience, and Obedience, and we encourage our young club members to partcipate in Young Kennel Club activities and events.


Many rescue dogs suffer "behavioural problems" brought on by the stress of their situation. Two of our trainers have researched this syndrome, and can offer new owners very valuable advice.

Glenrothes Gala

For more information about what we do contact Anne McLean fifeanimals@aol.com

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