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Past Events

Organised by Help Fife Animals

Amy and Jess

Fun Show 2011 - Amy and Jess

Club member, Amy with Jess compete in the Getting Started class at Help Fife Animals Fun Show in Feb 2011 [ download ]

Anne Stewart

Fun show 2011 - Anne and Zymi

Fun Show 2011 when club member, Anne with Zymi compete in the busking round 'Bring on the Cowboys' [ download ]


Fun Show 2011 - Jeanette & Zeigy

Club member Jeanette with Zeigy performing in The Show Offs class at the HFA Fun Show held in Feb 2011. [ download ]

Glenrothes Gals 2011 - Obedience Class

Glenrothes Gala 2011 - Obedience Class

Help Fife Animals Obedience Class choreographed a fantastic demonstation routine which was shown for the first time at The Glenrothes Gala 2011 on 3 September 2011. The team included Michael, Janet, Callum, Amy, Ian and June. Click the download button to view the video. [ download ]

Glenrothes Gala 2011 - Jeanette

Glenrothes Gala 2011 - Jeanette

Help Fife Animals organised the Just for Fun ring at Glenrothes Gala 2011 on 3 September 2011. There was as an afternoon of Heelwork to Music demonstrations and some fun games including a weavathon, a human dog tunnel and an elimination game. Click download to view HFA member Jeanette giving one of the demonstrations. [ download ]

Christmas Party 2011 - Ruby1

Christmas Party 2011 - Fancy dress parade

Dog training class members came together to enjoy the recent Canine Christmas party. This video show some of entrants in the Fancy dress parade. Elizabeth and Millie won the competition. Click the download button beclow to view the video. [ download ]

Christmas Party 2011 4

xmas Party 2011 - games

Christmas party 2011 - A few games enjoyed by the members of Help Fife Animals at the 2011 Christmas Party. Click download to view the video. [ download ]

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