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Your Responsibilities

Why Do You Want A Dog?

Do your research first. What size and type of dog would fit into your lifestyle. Talk to owners of your chosen breed, check out breed forums on the internet. Do you want to re-home a dog who has lost its existing home.

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What have you got to offer a dog?

Can you offer time to exercise your chosen breed of dog and can you offer time and commitment to attend training classes. Are you prepared to clean up after your dog as it is an offence not to.


You will need to feed your dog and provide qualified veterinary care throughtout your dogs life. It will need regular worming, vacinations and boosters and neutering or spayed. You will need to consider if you can meet these costs. A dog will need to have regular exercise. Help Fife Animals advocates that a dog should never be chained up. You will need to consider where you live before you get a dog. Dogs need space and you will need to consider how having a dog will affect your neighbours. What is your work pattern? Do you work full time. Dogs should not be left on their own for long periods of time.

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