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China and Tyke

China and Tyke

This bold little kitten China, soon made herself at home and made friends with Tyke the Collie


Milo is such a character - he knows his own mind for sure, but a more affectionate, loving, faithful dog you'll not find anywhere. Best thing to happen to me in a long time. I just love him to bits.

Here he is posing in the garden. I managed to get him to stay still for a second - on the understanding of course that I was gonna throw the toy in about 2 minutes again.

I can't thank you enough for finding Milo for me. He came along at a time when I needed a friend, but boy did I get so much more than that. by Karen



We got Dudley from Help Fife Animals just over 8 years ago, as a puppy.

HFA will always be the first port of call when we want another dog. We can't quite decide whether he's too set in his ways to accept a puppy, but we do watch your website with interest.

Many thanks, even if it is after 8 years

This photo shows Dudley on holiday in Skye

Marley & Jazz

The picture shows my boys, Marley the larger one, and Jazz the smaller one. I got Marley at 15 weeks in 2003 He was the last of an unplanned litter. Marley was my first terrier and what an introduction! He is a very sensitive little dog, and has taught me a lot. He now does agility at grade 5 and competed in flyball in the main ring at Crufts in 2009. He loved every minute of it. In 2008 Marley made it to Rescue Dog Agility finals in Birmingham, where we were proud to represent Help Fife Animals and Scotland. I thought I'd like another like him, and then Anne told me about Jazz. He came to me at 11 months and just fitted in perfectly. Jazz was 3 in November 2010 and has already reached grade 6 in agility. Jazz and I are living proof that all shapes and sizes of dogs and people can succeed in agility. Both boys love working, are extremely affectionate, well adjusted and are currently doing well in the Rescue Agility League.

Marley and Jazz homed
success stories1

Here is one of 2 handsome cats who were Christmas kittens in 2009.They have just had their first birthday, and are happily settled into their home in Cupar

success stories

Another of the 2 handsome cats who were Christmas kittens in 2009.They have just had their first birthday, and are happily settled into their home in Cupar


Eclipse the cat produced 5 kittens whilst being

with us over the xmas period. Here is one of the kits, Kaela, now happily settled in her new home.

Eclipss kitten


Rehomed with Anne & Ian in 2005 Brig came to Help Fife Animals when he was just 5 months old. Anne and Ian McLean were looking for a long haired German Shepherd bitch at the time, but after fostering Brig for a wee while, they decided that this short haired boy would just have to stay. Brig has grown into a very big boisterous boy, full of fun and very loving. Brigs favourite pastime is swimming or paddling.


Hello my name is Katie and I'm very happy at home in Cowdenbeath with Anne and Jock. This is me relaxing on my garden path. I enjoy nice long walks with my Dad and Mum through the woods and parks here, playing with other dogs especially with my pal Abi and big hugs. My Mum is thinking about writing a diary on What Katie Did Next as I can be a bit mischievous! Thank you Help Fife Animals for bringing me here.



Stella was rehomed with Karen & Family. Karen's son Rory were followed home one day by a yorkie terrier. Rory was completely heartbroken that we had to take him back to his owner who lost him.

That evening she recieved a phone call to say that Help Fife Animals had a litter of pups looking for homes.

I cannot tell you how much happiness she has brought this family. I never knew owning a dog could be so rewarding and heartwarming and I would like to thank your charity for giving us Stella



This is Ty (on right) who was re-homed by HFA recently , with his new sister Ebony. These two became firm friends within minutes of meeting.


I got Max at 8 weeks old from one of your foster carers Mrs Reekie in March 2006, just to let you know that he is doing brilliantly and is great company to my other dog Sam who is 9 years old.

Thankyou to your organisation and foster carers for giving us such a delightful addition to our family



rehomed with Kimberley

He was one of 16 puppies who were dumped (born 11/8/05).

Anyway, I thought you would like to see how well he has progressed and how happy he is now.

He has brought so much joy to mine and my sisters life and everyone who meets him loves him. He is the most relaxed, laid back and chilled dog I have ever owned. He has completed his Kennel Club Bronze award and was the star pupil at training.

Anyway, I just want to say thank you so much for allowing me the pleasure of giving this great dog a home. I really am so grateful and it is honestly the best donation I have ever made!

Kimberly Freeman



Hi we got broxi in December 05 and what a impact on our household we have wondered what we did before he came.

Rebecca loves him (our daughter) and he also gets on well with the rabbit and the guinea pig.

We would just like to thank you for letting him come to live with us.

Joan and Neil


We got a lovely nine week old collie cross puppy from one of your foster homes at Balgeddie Riding School. We named her Maisie and she came to live with us and our two and a half year old golden retriever, Brodie, in Auchtermuchty.

She has turned out to be quite a character and a super companion for Brodie who needs her to clean his teeth, ears, eyes and unmentionables! She also makes sure he gets plenty of exercise by pulling him around by the scruff when he is too slow or lazy and bringing him toys to fight with. We love her to bits.

Thank you and keep up the good work.

Jane Robertson,




Odi was adopted by Samantha & Gavin from Tayport. Odi is getting on great in Tayport.

He became part of the family the minute he got home. His favourite place is on the beach, although he is still a little scared of the waves. He has made lots of new friends whilst on the beach.

Odi also enjoyed his holiday when we went camping, as we were on the beach, it was a hard job trying to get him to leave the beach & come back to the tent.


Gosh, where do I even begin. In January of 1998 Nick decided that he wanted to get me a dog. We called every rescue centre within a 40 mile radius and all they had was either little fuzzy dogs (yorkie types) or big GSD or Lab or Collie mixes. I have allergies and needed a short coated dog. My new boss had just recently adopted a rescue puppy and he gave us the number which we called and they said they did have one female, a 12 week old puppy. They said she wasn't very pretty, but she was smooth, might be about medium sized. Probably wasn't what we were looking for but we were welcome to come and look at her. I couldn't get the dog off my mind so I called Nick and asked him to call and see if we could go see her. We went that afternoon and there was this little tiny BEAUTIFUL smooth-coated golden puppy! She was adorable. I was willing to take her, but as Nick had never had a dog before I didn't want to just take her because she was the first dog. I gave her to him and he totally fell in love with her and said there wasn't a choice,she was ours! We adopted her on the spot and while we were standing there deciding for sure the thought popped into my head that her name would be Chelsea. Wendy & Nick Jones
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