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Seeking New Homes

Dogs, cats and other pets seeking homes

Looking for a new home

Our animals are individually cared for in foster homes, where their future needs can be carefully assessed.

Some will be displayed on this page when they are ready to move on to a new home, but many cannot be shown for various welfare and legal reasons.

To find out who is available, and to meet any of them,
please contact
Anne on tel: 01592 620300
Inez on tel: 01383 511301
Please show consideration to our volunteers,
by phoning between 9am and 6.00pm.




Meet Jacob. He is a beautiful big cuddly boy. Jacob is a 5 year old, neutered male cat, who sadly has to find a new home. He'd make an ideal pet for a couple, a single person, or a family with older children. For more details please phone Anne 01592 620300 (9am to 6pm)

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