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Tell us your funny pet stories

We all know that our pets make us laugh sometimes. We asked our members and their friends to tell us any funny things their pets do. Here are some of them.

Munro Bagger Ruby

Border Terrier Ruby is owned by two club members who are also keen hill walkers, Brian and Su.

Ruby really enjoys her camping and walking trips and comes back full of energy, unlike her Mum and Dad.

Here is Ruby on her first Munro with her special climbing jacket on.

Brig has a Beer

Anne and Ian McLean were bathing their German Shepherd, Brig and, having read about a beer final rinse to super condition the coat Ian thought he would try this out.

Brig had other ideas for the beer however, and frantically licked off the beer, before they could rinse it off.

He got his shiny coat and sat very nicely waiting to have his nails done.

June tells us about Kai and Jess

Where do I start!

Mostly its Kai that makes us laugh. He likes to sit on the arm of the chair while you are watching tv with his nose in your ear.

He creeps up your body in the morning and peaks over the top of the duvet waiting to see if you are awake or not, his wee paws and nose are hooked over the edge of the duvet, and if you look awake he mugs you and licks you until you get up. Kai 'smiles' at you.

If Jess gets fed up waiting on you playing, she goes and gets her toy, takes it to the top of the stairs and throws it down so she can chase it herself. Then she does it over and over until you start to play.



Milo is a flat coat retriever who we re-homed to Karen Welsh just over a year ago. Karen says he's such a character - he knows his own mind for sure, but a more affectionate, loving, faithful dog you'll not find anywhere. Best thing to happen to me in a long time. I just love him to bits - awh haha!

One time I took him to Lochore Meadows he launched himself into the water (as usual) diving like a duck - bum in the air - trying to retrieve something. You can see what he's found - but at least it wasn't alive when he found it!

Another time he and his friend Murphy were out for a walk. They came across a dis-used trampoline and boy did they want a shot!

I can't thank you enough for finding Milo for me. He came along at a time when I needed a friend, but boy did I get so much more than that.


If you have any funny stories about your pets email it to fifeanimals@aol.com and we may feature it on the website.

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